Stage Plays

written by Mary Bonnett


Current Play

INVISIBLE The Modern Day Rise of the 1920s Women of the KKK.



SHADOW TOWN A play about domestic sex trafficking: the supply side.

THE JOHN A play about man who buys trafficked girls and what it costs his family and community.

MONEY MAKE’M SMILE. A play about domestic trafficking of youth. Written for 7th-12th graders.

MONGER A play about the world of men online who purchase trafficked humans.



SIDE SHOW   The life of a trauma based victim of Sex Trafficking.

GLOSS OVER a collection of monologues based on the lives of homeless women.

GLOSS OVER II  a full length play based on the lives of homeless women .



A Haunting Follows a Ghost Girl in Mississippi.

Sub Rosa A mother and daughter come to terms with the past sins of the father.

White African Mask A man’s journey from the south to the north.


Cleaver and Whizjam On The Isle of Oogle  A young girl and her frog fall from the sky and land in crazy.

History of A Fool An adaptation of classics of the “fool” in literature, from the ancients to the present.


Chicago: Voices From The Streets

Chicago's Living History Voices of Chicago’s Famous Game Changers.


Radical Ideas!  Women and The Vote. Illinois women who fought to win the right to vote.

The Ninth Floor Door    Blocked Justice of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.

Me and Louie Armstrong. A lengthy monologue on the life of Chicago activist, Sylvia Woods.

Penned In A Suitcase     Marjorie Stern - a life.

The Thread That Binds  A tribute to Lillian Herstein and Agnes Nestor.

Si Se Puede - The Life Journey of Dolores Huertas.

Remember, The Ladies. The journey and struggle of the American Women’s Right To Vote.

And The River Ran Green. The Rise of the Irish in Chicago.

Chicago: It's Beginnings. The origins of Chicago and its growth.


Looking At Yourself: A Collage of Women's Voices. A two woman show of life, relationships and endings.