The Alabastard of the Mound  

written by  

Mary Bonnett


In 1925, a forty year old albino journeyed back to his hometown in Mounds, Mississippi, where he had been driven out at the age of ten.  For people in the town of Mounds believed 'the alabastard' laid curses and was sent by the devil to destroy the town and the good people who lived in it.

It was hard to argue...after he moved back...the Flood of 1927 occurred, the 1929 Stock Market crashed, banks closed, farms foreclosed, the drought arrived and the Great Depression set in.  By 1930, the people of Mounds, Mississippi were fed up with 'the ablabastard' and planned his demise.  Their only problem, 'the alabastard' was not through with the town.

Set deep in the Mississippi Delta, with an Indian Mound framing the albino's abandoned plantation as a backdrop, the stage is set for a cast of unique characters and events to unfold in a small town that feared everything but itself.

Read from   Alabastard of the Mound       ( picture of indian mound in Mississippi) 

Read from Alabastard of the Mound


(picture of indian mound in Mississippi)